Yem & Katkı Dergisi - Sayı 7 - Mart/Nisan 2022

MAKALE YEM & KATKI DERGİSİ Mart-Nisan 2022 55 INTRODUCING HIGHEST CHOLINE CONCENTRATION IN THE INDUSTRY 1, 3 Zenobi et al., J Dairy Sci. 101:1088 (2018) 2 Lima et al., The Veterinary Journal. 193:140-145 (2012). All trademarks are property of Balchem Corporation © 2021 Balchem Corporation. Balchem Italia Srl Via del Porto Snc 28040 Marano Ticino (NO) Italy Telephone +39 0321 9791 Fax +39 0321 979249 E-mail [email protected] Website To learn more, contact your local Balchem representative or distributor. Combining advanced core design with industry- leading encapsulation technology, Balchem delivers the most unique rumen-protected choline product on the market today. • Most researched base choline product in the industry • Highest payload while eliminating the need for a carrier • Durable and feed stable • Reduced carbon footprint • Non-GMO • European manufacturing Highest Choline Concentration in the Industry The ReaShure line is proven to deliver results throughout an animal’s life. • 2,10 kg of milk per day improvement, or 640,50 kg more milk over the full lactation.1 • Proven reduction in metabolic disorders including ketosis, displaced abomasum and subclinical milk fever.2 • In utero impact on the calf, leading to growth and health improvements.3 Advanced Technology, Proven Results