Yem & Katkı Dergisi - Sayı 7 - Mart/Nisan 2022

PAZAR RAPORU YEM & KATKI DERGİSİ Mart-Nisan 2022 69 [email protected] FORMULATED FOR: DAIRY • SWINE • POULTRY • AQUA Livalta responsibly source and produce local, traceable proteins and transform them into functional, protein-rich feed and food ingredients using the latest scientific and technological innovations. An AB Agri company. A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO COMPLEX PROBLEMS Nurtures and protects Promotes profitability & provides security Is circular & responsible CELL HY40 Livalta™Cell HY40 is an enzymatically treated non-GM Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast. This unique solution combines enhanced functional properties of yeast components and high nutritional value.